Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The week that was...and wasn't

The ups and downs of life are worse than that creaky old roller coaster that is about to fall off the tracks. I went down to get my family two weeks ago to spend the weekend with us, it was brief but very necessary for my development and the kids spirits. We had a great time, went bowling, just had a great time. My sister came down Tuesday to spend with me during some hard times. We had a blast. Went to the casino and watched her spend 100 bucks in 3 minutes flat lol, i made 160 in that same time but by the end of the night i was down to 47, i bailed!

We went on to watch Watchmen along with my good pals Adam and Stacey, had a great time and ate at Deny's afterward. ( BTW after the Casino deal we tried to go to a Deny's and found the first closed one after dark, WTF ) Watchmen was really good, a different type of super hero movie but not a surprise as it was based on a different type of comic book. I enjoyed it, especially Silk Specterre II, what a babe! Watchmen 8/10 for me-1 point for the abundance of blue wang.

I advanced past the first round in the NBA 2k9 NeoGAF league playoffs. I'm using the Lakers and Kobe had a feast all series long. I play Encal and his Hawks, it played him tough the two games we played during the season but i lost both times. It should be a long hard fought series and i hope to come out on top, i have been playing really good as of late taking Smokey to the brink of defeat when you won on a last second jumper to win the game. Title hopes are still alive.

Well, i am going to end this post today. Things have been going well for me, i will be playing softball coming in May. I'm excited about that. May be going to my first concert in June. No Doubt and Paramore. Should be hot. DCX out!

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