Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day Zero: WTF dude!

So...i turned thirty recently and came to a conclusion. I haven't progressed at all at anything in my life ( other than not progressing ) in the last ten years. Yeah, since i was 20. So lets see, the country has an African American President, The Knicks suck now and Boston won a World Series and i haven't changed one bit.

I do the same thing every day. Same routine. Same check the PC in the AM before work. Check Gaming Age forums, get dressed, go to work, talk the same, flirt the same, everything the same. Same TV habits...Sports and nothing else unless its a movie, yeah you guessed it, i've seen before.

Now how does this happen? How does one not wake up one day and get freaked out ala Neo in the Matrix and want to believe the world has more to offer! What's funny is as i sit here and type this i did become aware of my condition. There would be days where i would just stand in my living room staring at the hundreds of movies and games i own and just not know what to do with my free time, i wanted, or seemed to want to do something new and break this shitty curse...alas i didn't and ended up watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on DVD from Season one all the way through.

This could be just me complaining and not looking at the bigger picture that allot of people are worst off etc. True. Very true, but get this. I was single for two years after my divorce and lived a single life. For a guy this means, junk food, games/movies and porn. Just about all i did. Big flirt, always have been, but when you're single its more on the surface for obvious reasons. Flash forward to now...i'm in a loving relationship with a great woman that i see spending my days with and i have not changed...yeah, still flirty :( Games and porn...yup, see where i'm going with this. I never adapted to the fact that conditions in my life have changed that i MUST adapt with and i didn't.

Well, crossroads time. I almost lost the love of my life, broke up my family, lost the respect of friends and family and i'm no better of a person from the person who was one year removed from the Sega Dreamcast US launch. It's time, the time to change is now ( i owe Obama 25 cents ) Bear with me, this isn't going to be easy, or be something that can fixed in a day, but i will say this, MySpace=gone, porn=gone...yeah 10GB worth...i'm on the path of sanity, join me :P

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