Thursday, March 12, 2009

The glue that binds us: Family

So i decided to go kidnap my mom and sister. Well, Trish helped with the capper but i layed out the plan step by step. They live in my hometown of the Bronx and i'm stuck in the arm pit of New York State. Bridgewater. With the prices of travel i decided to go and pick them up and bring them up here for the weekend and bring them back.

The kids miss them. I miss them and it should be a great way for me to break out of my plan everything same old, same old routines of the past. I'm taking my 6 year old along with me. It will be great to bond with her. She is having a had time dealing with life. Split household and a desire to please everyone even if it means to lie...yeah, she is having a hard time. We have to try to break her of this and love her as much as possible to help her along with this issue. What better way than a road trip to pick up her favorite aunty and her beloved Grandma! Can't wait, a great weekend is to be had!

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