Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Knicks Season in review

The Knicks had a very good season. A season i think most would agree was surprising especially the torrid start. Jason Kidd was gelling and create for the Knicks, Felton was back to the Felton of old and even Rasheed Wallace was giving the Knicks some good minutes and some toughness.  

If you would tell me in the preseason the Knicks would finish with the second seed in the east and win 54 games i would have called you crazy. I expected mid 40s and maybe fighting for 4-6 seeds. I wonder if that makes me a pessimistic fan or a realistic one.  How ever you deem the Knicks season the playoffs is where teams really show what they are made of and we folded like a WWE chair :/  Melo played as hard as he could with the help he got, which is to say not much at all. JR Smith is still missing, Felton was stunted and our shooting was nerfed. I won't even mention Jason Kidd's funk which i believe has forced him into retirement. 

The Pacers played great. They played strong, fast and decisive. I don't want to take anything away from them especially the play of Roy Hibbert and Lance Stephenson. The Knicks had no answer and the Pacer shooters made their shots. The Knicks played good to great defense but we just couldn't score. JR didn't get going, Amar'e just couldnt get a roll going due to his limited minutes, Kidd was horrible and Novak didn't even play. The Knicks best players were Prigioni, Melo and Chris Copeland. Tyson Chandler was just abused. 

I hope we can draft well and hope that Kidd retires, Amar'e comes back full strength and Melo comes back healthy. We got close, but we could have played a whole lot better!