Friday, December 11, 2009

In order to build, it needs to be done from the ground up...

Well, well...peaks and valleys indeed. I got fired from my job on December 3rd. Yeah a couple days after my last blog entry and three weeks before Christmas...fucking awesome isn't it? I have been at my job, or last job i should say for a hair under eight years ( Dec 11th would have made eight ) and i have seen such a change in not only environment but philosophy.

It used to be a close knit family like workplace with bosses that understood the nature of how important family is. Since then it has changed into a corporation interested in numbers, stats, money..just about all the evils that makes world go 'round. Fall guys, clicks, favoritism, everything you'd expect in corporate america. You would ask whats wrong with that..what's wrong is don't break what working. Don't piss off your loyal employees for the sake of making you look better than you are.

The reason i got terminated ( love the new words people use to sound more important ) was the new, or re-vised or as they say " standing policy that was never enforced ". Attendance. We aren't allowed 2 call ins in a 60 day period. A third results in a suspension, which will put you in a die or come to work scenario where the next call in is automatic termination. Well, two call ins in a sixty day period in the winter is very easy to attain especially with two kids and drama. ( ie separations, dog getting pregnant, car issues and the good ole Central NY weather. ) i got one in June or July for my youngest and being super sick, and one in early August for something car related, anti-freeze i think either way two. Sept twenty something i had one for my know one of those awesome 6 hour "talks " of how shitty of person you are...needless to say i was to drained to go to work...that landed me my suspension. Dec 3rd i had to call in for my oldest as she was throwing up at 3-4 am and she didn't look at all so i was going to take her to urgent care and see what's up with her. Well i called a nurse i'm friends with and explained my situation and she tried to talk to them..her daughter who work there would have worked for me like half a shift but the "policy" states that if i don't get full coverage or at least work the first half, i'd still get a call in..yeah read that a few times over and get back to me. So idid what any parent would have done and it in turn got my fired. Eight years of loyalty for that...nice.

With that off my chest, i'm proud to annouce that my dog Belle ( my xmas present from Trish last year ) had her puppies last night. Seven puppies, yeah seven holy shit!! Good thing i was home for her to help out. It was a fantastic experience.

Notes: I'm 7-5 in season two of the Madden GAF Franchise . I defeated the Panthers last night 28-21. Last season i went 10-6, won the NFL South and moved on to the second round when i upset one of the better Madden players in our league.
This season i overhauled my defensive after started the season 1-4. I think it's worked :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello there peak, why hello there valley

Well there followers, once again i get lazy and once again tons of stuff happens. Well not to long after my last post, which was in August Trish and i broke up. It was just hard for us to re-establish things and re-commit to each other and the future of our relationship. It felt like trying to run up a slippery slop. We made strides but just stumble and fall down again.

Regardless of what i wanted, we went ahead and made that choice together. It was rough in the beginning as i felt lost, and just alone...kinda deserted. I made use of the situation to commit myself to the kids and myself. Regain control of responsibilities and feel in control of my life. I did and it felt good. I still felt alone and it sucked but in what i lost i gained so much.

With that said fast forward to now. We have become stronger apart and now willing to be stronger together. It makes me happy especially just in time for Christmas! I have faith things will work out this time around i missed her so much and my family.

Stay tuned!