Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome to NY Iman Shumpert...wait who??

Well, i will say this. I did alot of research going into this draft as to what we needed, what would be available and what i could live with coming away from this draft. One thing i knew for certain, The Knicks would buy another draft pick. I assumed it would be late first round, maybe 30 from Chicago. They did buy a pick and it was a second rounder.

Here was my expectations. Take the best player available at 17. I assumed one of the lottery talents would fall and get snatched up by almost happened.

 F Kawhi Leneard was taken by the Pacers @ 15. My next step was to take one of these four: Nikola Vucevic, Chris Singleton,  Marshon Brooks, Kenneth Faried or Donatas . Vucevic went a pick before, an we had a choice of the rest. Brooks the SG in the Spreewell mold, Faried a rebounding machine, Donatas a 7ft Andrea Bargnani type who would do fantastic in Mike D's system but wouldn't defend a fly, Singleton the best defender in the draft, combo PF/SF and with the 17th pick in NBA draft...The NY Knicks select..... Iman Shumpert?!?!??!

Doing my research, i knew of him. I saw videos, read the scouting reports but with the more " known " targets on the board you didn't expect it. After a day or two of calming down, the pick makes alot of sense. We need defenders, we need athletes. Shumpert is a stud defender, he can guard 1-3. He also is looking to be groomed as a PG. He is ideal size to play the 2 as well. 42" vertical, 6'10" wing span and quickness allows him to be our go to defender against the Kobes, Wades, Westbrook and Lebron's of the world.

We need interior defense also, and Singleton would have fit the bill but the minutes and rotation with Amar'e and Melo would not have saved him many minutes. Shumpert will be in the guard rotation right now.

We bought the 45th pick from the Hornets and got the rights to Josh Harellson, a C with a mean streak. About time! We need a good who will avg more fouls than points and can pick and roll and hustle. Hope he makes the team.

Hope this lockout ends, the Knicks need some big men..i hear Kwame Brown is the me!

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