Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Hope?

2012. It feels like it was yesterday when i day dreamed of the "future" with flying cars and crazy technology in our planes, trains and video games.

Sadly we have no flying cars, no hover boards and a knockoff version of the auto lacing sneakers from Back to The Future. No amazing energy or fuel breakthroughs. It's kinda sad actually. For everything we move forward in we still still in others.

The loss of life in my family this past week has been very humbling. It gives pause to what matters the most and what doesn't. Unfortunately, this country is guided by a blind passion to be petty. What matter most to people is usually stupid things that usually got blown up to huge fights and next thing you as you recall the stupidity that just happened it just sounded very shallow and baseless.

Lesson? Live to fight another day as today can be enjoyed and tomorrow not promised.

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