Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When is real too real in gaming?

Yes this is a picture from an upcoming videogame on the Xbox 360. The detail is amazing, the road, rims, tires could almost think it was photograph.

How much is to much? Do we really aim to play games that mirror real life? Is the goal to basically play a life sim and control it as we wish? I play games to relax ( yeah somehow cursing at my screen when i lose a Madden game and yell at my controller when i get owned in Halo is relaxing lol ) and escape to new place. A place that doesn't stress bills, work or any other of life's crutches.

Technology waits for no one, but how much can they push the visual and audio barriers that blur the lines of fantasy and reality? Do i want to play a Sims game that actually recreates my neighbors and town? The answer is yes lol A Sims game where i can walk over to my neighbors and just punch them in the face for playing the music to loud is the type of escape i'd love, especially if they look exactly like them!

Bring on technology, bring on photo realistic visuals and bring on my neighbors..sons of bitches the lot of them :)

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