Friday, August 28, 2009


It's been way to long people. Tons of things have happened like an entire softball season, Yankees are atop of the AL East and video gaming over the summer.

I started a new trandition with my good friends Adam and Stacy and we have been getting together every other Sunday and hanging out and playing games, it started with the release of Ghostbusters for the Xbox 360. We beat it in three sessions each going for like 4-6 hours each, man we had a ball and Ghostbusters is a fantastic game!!! Between the voice work and story to the sound and visuals its one of the best games i have played all year! Since we started playing Bioshock and man it's intense! Scary and sooo moody. The graphics are amazing coupled with fantastic lighting and effects. A problem has arisen, as we are playing Bioshock now, Batman: Arkham Asylum has been released and is poised to replace Bioshock as our "lead" game in our Sunday gaming fest. I'm sure we can give BioShock a couple of hours early and end it with Batman.

The girls are getting big! Destiny is like a young woman already. She is so smart and acutely intuned with life and how it works. She has lost her two front teeth and looks so cute! She is going into the second grade and looking forward to her seventh birthday come November 14th!

Juliana is becoming a toddler, a terrible two stereotype that we all feared! She is sooooo smart, so much in fact that it creates a sense fearlessness than gets her in trouble! She really believes she can do whatever she wants, i guess i know who she is modeled after lol

My relationship with Trish has been a rollercoaster since day one and nothing has changed in that fact. In fact we just announced not to long ago that we were getting married August 28th 2010! Things have been great, more in tune we each others needs and sensitivities its really been such a change. I'm hoping we continue down this path and it leads us to grow in ways never imagined.

In world of awesome, Micheal Vick returned to action last night against the Jags in which he looked decent going 4-4 for 19 yards and a yard rushing, McNabb hated on him in the postgame, oh well welcome to Philly kid.

Softball season ended August 22nd with the Team Harding/Stinkers team losing twice without a win. We ended the season with a 7-12 record. I ended the season with a .433 avg, 6 hrs, 20 rbis not bad at all. I suffered two injuries, one to my left shoulder on a shitty throw to first and runner running through my shoulder and arm, and a strained Achilles trying to avoid running into the first baseman on, yea, a shitty throw to first. looking forward to a great season next year.

Well, thats about it for now, i'll try to keep up with my's just been busy with my NBA 2k leagues, softball, and now Madden :) Love, Peace and Gaming

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