Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello there peak, why hello there valley

Well there followers, once again i get lazy and once again tons of stuff happens. Well not to long after my last post, which was in August Trish and i broke up. It was just hard for us to re-establish things and re-commit to each other and the future of our relationship. It felt like trying to run up a slippery slop. We made strides but just stumble and fall down again.

Regardless of what i wanted, we went ahead and made that choice together. It was rough in the beginning as i felt lost, and just alone...kinda deserted. I made use of the situation to commit myself to the kids and myself. Regain control of responsibilities and feel in control of my life. I did and it felt good. I still felt alone and it sucked but in what i lost i gained so much.

With that said fast forward to now. We have become stronger apart and now willing to be stronger together. It makes me happy especially just in time for Christmas! I have faith things will work out this time around i missed her so much and my family.

Stay tuned!

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