Thursday, April 7, 2016


After a long hiatus, I am back to continue to maintain this blog at least once a week.

A ton has happened since my last entry and It would take an eternity to catch you up but let us say it's been hard and satisfying and here I stand :)

The Knicks still suck. I think its safe to say that five years from now that statement may still ring true. Carmelo is holding the franchise hostage with his no trade clause but the front office not only maxed him out but also gave him the clause to begin with. Double down. The triangle is not going to work. Not with this talent and Melo the centerpiece of it.  Durant is not walking through those doors either.  The best we can hope for is maybe having Melo waive his no-trade and get maybe Jimmy Butler and a pick. Going to be a looooooong usual.

I shall post my thoughts on Batman VS Superman and the Season Six finale of The Walking Dead over the weekend. They both found ways to disappoint!

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