Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebron drops a Lebomb

I was shocked for at least an hour or so wondering what just happened. I couldn't believe the Miami Heat pulled off this bs. He would have ruled ny..a true king..a final destination for his legacy, now he's the third wheel.

I do hope he is truly happy as he single handedly dropped a nuke on cleveland. He is now hatred in his own home town. Down right shameless.

On a brighter note, bitter sweet actually. David Lee was traded to golden state for Anthony Randolph, g azubukie and c Ronny Turiaf. We also signed pg Raymond Felton. The team is shaping up really well despite Ledouche shunning us.

Bring it on...i doubt Lebron wins a ring anyway..and I expect this trio to explode by year three.

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