Sunday, June 13, 2010

Next level

Wow, just wow. Tons has happened since my last post. A quick update on the pups. They all went to good homes and have been growing well and adjusting swimmingly in their new homes. Since my dismissal at Hardings and my separation with Trish, that i found a new job at St Luke's Nursing Home and have reconciled with Trish and have been doing better than ever!!

It was a tough go around being alone again. Sure i had time to watch every single Yankee playoff and world series games and i played a ton of video games but the house lost it's soul, and so did i. The kids didn't like it, neither did we. We did our best to communicate and work things out and we have. Things are fantastic, and i personally feel like we have connected on yet another level.

On a different note, i love my job!! Adam, my bestest friend!!, hooked me up! It's paying some nice dollars! Got insurance!! banging 401k! Best of all? I feel loved. I feel like my work is appreciated. It makes such a different where in the last 4 months i have done as much over time as i have in eight years at my previous employer. I love working there and helping out my co workers. Much love to SLH.

On to some personal exciting news. Went to my first Knicks game in April against the Heat. Was an amazing thing to be at the Garden, the Mecca while watching my Knicks live. I got interviewed on MSG Network that aired the next night during the Knicks VS Wizards game regarding my opinions on what the Knicks should do in free agency. Went to the game with TheFrankman from Gaming Age...die hard fan, and good guy.

I also finished my Gaming Madden Online Franchise and it went five seasons. Here's the breakdown.

YR 1- 10-6 NFC South crown beat the Giants first round and lost to the Cowboys second round.
YR 2- 8-8
YR 3- 8-8
YR 4- 9-7 just missed the playoffs
YR 5- 11-5 wildcard. Beat the Eagles first round and lost to the Packers second round.

I had alot of fun. Built a team like a great GM would :) Never had a losing season and for the first time in GAF Madden history i went to the playoffs twice, and won two playoff games.

So things are great, free agency for the Knicks is right around the corner, the summer is in full swing and good things are bound to happen :)

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